Now, I know a lot of people don't even care about this wiki, but the people who actually DO care about this care about this wiki are all like, why is there no new content? where is The Return To Freddy's 4? or why hasn't this site been used in months? Well to answer those questions I'll say this. First off, the reason there is no new content is because nowadays there is no longer anything new to bring to the table to this wiki (besides The Return To Freddy's 4). And what I mean by this is that there's not a lot of five nights games that either interest me, been released yet, etc. In fact nowadays, all the interesting Five nights games have been CANCELLED! For example: Five Night's At Team Rockets Warehouse, One Week At Flumptys, Five Night's At Team Flare/ Team Aqua HQ etc. They're still on the wiki because if you didn't know this wiki is also used for the lost remains of certain five nights at copys, some are which no longer a thing! ( FE: Five Nights At Team Rocket's Warehouse) And yes DON'T WORRY, I will make The Return To Freddy's 4's wiki page shortly after this. Moral: I have just been focusing on other things and.... I'm sorry.