Five Nights At Sonic's was a Five Nights At Freddy's Fan-Game made by Ian-Coleman. And what's really impressive, is that for the rooms animatronics etc. he "uses hand-drawn drawings" to make everything, from scratch.

Game Description: A fan game of Five Nights at Freddy's. Welcome to your new  at Sonic's Hero Pizza Palace. Here, you will find 4 of the old-school heroes of the 1990s who entertain kids from 6 am to midnight. But, you don't come here during the day. You're here as a nightgaurd. But.. something seems wrong during the night..

This game is almost completely hand-drawn.

P.S. If there is something wrong with the game, and you don't like it or want to give a bad rating. Please comment and or message me why you don't like it. It's nice to have feedback.

The Green Hill  was made by GamerPlayerExtreme. I recommend checking out his channel!

And finally the link to the game,