A FNAF Game made by XatTomX. This might be his first FNAF game, and he worked on it for hours and hours. So I recommend to give this some proper feedback.



Back in the day when Nintendo was working on game developing, they decided to  up a entertainment place, it went decent for the first few years but the suits they used for the mascots got... Old, they tried building them and well... That did quite work out. The building shortly opening after never to be closd again. As the years gone on people knew about the place... But the locals near the new building started making complaints about a settleing feeling happy around the building, shortly after claiming that the place is not scary... 

Nintendo didn't to want anything to do with this, so they built in some cameras and a almost working security Office. This is where you come in.

Characters:Pikachu,Meta Knight,Luigi,Sonic,Mario,Majora's Mask


And finally, the link to the game,

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